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2015.08.02 15:27 
Central Asia: China returns Russia to the days of the "European concert"
Paying tribute to each member of the "New Great Game", it is impossible to ignore the unique situation of China.
2013.11.12 17:36 
Lavrov Davutoglu phone conversation
The failure of Islamists in Syria deprived Ankara of diplomatic air: Turkey looks for a way out
2013.11.11 14:07 
Cheap Bandar-Bush Trick/ Victor Mikhin
IA REX publishes the continuation of the article about the situation in Saudi Arabia
2013.08.21 00:39 
Erdogan To Face The Arabian Nightmare / Milosh Markovich, Stanislav Tarasov
During the meeting with Ahmad Jarba, the new head of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SC), the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu said that Turkey will continue to support the Syrian people: I hope that in this Ramadan the suffering of the Syrian people will end and peace will be established in the country, reported Turkish newspaper Todays Zaman. At the same time Davutoglu stressed that SNO is the only representative of the Syrian p
2013.08.21 00:37 
In The Situation With Snowden The USA Can Not Bend With Pressure On Moscow / Mikhail Neyzhmakov
Ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden, wanted by the U.S. for disclosure of classified information of special services, is going to ask for a temporary political asylum in Russia in order to secure the move to a Latin American country. He said this on July, 12 at a meeting with human rights activists in Sheremetyevo Airport.
2013.08.21 00:33 
Military Coup In Egypt Leads To The Collapse Of "Political Islam" / Stanislav Tarasov
The military coup is carried out in Egypt. This estimation corresponds to all the classic signs.
2013.08.07 18:24 
Does Russia Need Browder In Exchange For Snowden: Opinions
The verdict against the fund Hermitage Capital auditor Sergei Magnitsky and the head of the fund William Browder is in on July 12, 2013